5 Christmas Gifts for Coffee Drinkers They’ll Love

christmas gifts for coffee drinkers

Another year, another set of random socks you’re not sure you want to give. Step up your Christmas gift-giving game for the coffee lovers in your life—do it right and you might score yourself an invite to indulge in their dreamy coffee rituals.

Here are the best Christmas gifts for coffee drinkers we’ve found on the market in 2021.

5 awesome Christmas gifts for coffee lovers

1. Bean Box – World Coffee Tour

world bean tour coffee gifts

David and I are basically obsessed with sampling and trying “flights” of anything we can get our hands on. This includes not only coffee, but also things like bacon (yes, bacon flights are a thing!), whiskey, waffles… you name it, we’d like to try it side-by-side with multiple versions of it.

To this end, we think that Bean Box’s World Coffee Tour products are a solid Christmas coffee gift. You can buy from multiple sizes (a gourmet sampler featuring four bags for $28 up to the World Tour featuring 16 different coffees for $89) depending on just how into coffee your gift recipient is.

The Bean Box features a variety of freshly-roasted Seattle- and Portland-based small batch roasters (including Coava, 🤤). Coffee sources span the planet—from Hawaii to South America and Southeast Asia. It truly is a world tour!

If you want to step up your gift-giving game another level, they have a coffee and chocolate pairing option that looks incredible ($68 for eight bags of coffee and eight bars of chocolate!).

A word of caution: If the person you’re buying this present for doesn’t consume large amounts of coffee regularly, then the big-box variety pack might overwhelm them rather than excite them as a coffee Christmas gift.

2. Hugo Coffee – Dog Treat & Coffee Gift Set

hugo coffee gifts

Does your coffee Christmas gift recipient also have a fur baby that they’re obsessed with? (Think: Dedicated Instagram account and membership in the Cool Dog Group). Then this combo set of coffee and dog treats is something to paw over.

We recommend the “New Trick Blend” as it features a pound of light roast coffee in addition to the 12 handmade peanut butter dog snacks. We’ve searched high and low, but when it comes to coffee gift sets for Christmas, this one takes the kibbles (erm, cake).

Huge Coffee Roasters is based in Park City, UT and started their roastery to support dog rescue in the area. Naturally, the coffee is named after one of the founders own dogs (Hugo!) and each bag includes a donation to shelter dogs in need.

3. Bodum 8-oz (240mL) Handle-less Pavina

double walled mugs coffee gifts

We have a bit of an obsession with double walled glass coffee mugs at LKCS and so this list of the best Christmas gifts for coffee drinkers would be incomplete without a nod to one of our favorite products.

David raves:

“These are cutest little double glass coffee mugs. Their shape is novel. And they’re not actually big enough for the amount of coffee I like to drink in the morning (which is at least 12 fl oz, or 350mL). But they look so damn good that I’ve adapted a strategy of holding hot brewed coffee in a different container just so I can drink out of these.”

You can get a set of two for less than $20 and delivered in 48 hours (thanks Prime!). If the small-ish size is a drawback, then consider the Hudson Essentials 12oz Handled Mugs. Whatever your preferred style, shape, and size, we think double walled mugs are pretty darn sexy and one of our fave Christmas coffee gift ideas.

4. A Burr Coffee Grinder

baratza encore coffee gifts

Our hope is that your coffee Christmas gift recipient already knows not to buy pre-ground coffee. If not, then this will be a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving!

Once we made the switch to grinding fresh coffee, we started out with a Burr Hand Grinder. We quickly got tired of the extra elbow grease needed to grind the beans down daily, so we upgraded to the Baratza Encore (full review here) and have never looked back!

It has a higher price tag, but a well-crafted grinder (burr—not blade) is one of the essential Christmas gifts for coffee lovers. Period.

5. A Well-Insulated Traveling Coffee Mug, Specifically Hydro Flask’s

hydro flask coffee mug coffee gifts

As someone who commutes to work regularly and prefers to make my coffee at home rather than pay the upcharge at a cafe in town, I have had a lot of experience utilizing different travel coffee mugs.

There’s a full product review in the works, but suffice my immediate feelings to say that nothing beats the Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask. Hydro Flask makes a great double-walled and spill-proof (ESSENTIAL!!!) travel mug. And, since the price point ($27) might be a little high for someone on a budget // who loves the Target $1 section, it makes the perfect coffee Christmas gift.

I’ve tested other travel coffee mugs and insulated tumblers from Yeti, KleanKanteen, and Otterbox (s/o FoCo) and I still always find myself wishing I had my Hydro Flask.

Different colors and sizes means you can customize to your gift recipient as much as you’d like!

We hope you love these Christmas gifts for coffee drinkers too!

We’re big Christmas dorks, so when we get to combine the holidays with our families and our favorite beverage, we get really, really excited.

coffee snobs megan lee david hayes

As the ho-ho-holidays come ever closer, we hope these coffee gifts for Christmas warm your heart (and your belly). We wish you a wonderful season with your loved ones near and far!

What other gifts have you given that were adored by the coffee lovers in your life? Share them in the comments—we still have a few weeks to go to stock up on coffee gifts (for dad, mom, the snobs in your life, the coffee gadget-heads, and everyone inbetween!).

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