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Low Key Coffee Snobs is a project from the Foxlees (David Hayes and Megan Lee) dedicated to sharing the fun of good coffee with the world in an approachable way. We know that the world is full of good coffee, that good coffee is better than average, and want to help you unlock that for yourself.

What does it mean to be “low key” snobs?

Our aspiration with this home brew coffee site is two-fold.

First, we want to help people figure out how to make good coffee at home. Coffee is one of the most storied and delicious beverages that humans make. The process by which its made is an incredible journey, and the tastes that can come from it are rich are varied. It is worth learning to make good coffee.

Second, we also don’t want our readers to be(come) insufferable snobs who are mean or demeaning to people who have less fussy opinions and preferences than they do. Around coffee or anything else. I (David) always think of my favorite YouTube video of all time:

Being low-key in this way isn’t easy, and we struggle with it from time-to-time, too. But that’s the reason for the name and the hope for why we’re there. We chose to explicitly add “low-key” to the name to signify how important not being a jerk is to us.

Who are the (low key) snobs?

The two of us being goons at the Grand Canyon

We’re David and Megan. We’re just a couple of white yuppies who got a little to into coffee and decided to make a website.

David is a web developer who does a lot with PHP. He’s currently thinking about code over at Thoughtful Code, and he loves working with Laravel, Symfony, and sometimes WordPress and JavaScript.

Megan enjoys having fun, being outside, adoring cute things, and connecting with and loving others. She is motivated to create great content for industries that make her happy (education, tech, China, travel, and many, yet to be discovered, others!).

Our coffee stories

Megan was a die-hard fruit smoothie fan until her gal pal from Youth Group introduced her to Gloria Jean’s cookie coffee chillers. Those icy beverages proved a gateway drug, and Megan has since drank thousands of cups of coffees ever since. She apologizes to her high school friends who had to deal with her pretending to like black diner coffee during her teen angst years. But now, she apologizes to no one. LIFE’S TOO SHORT FOR BAD COFFEE!! And now she’s very excited to share her ideas on how to make good coffee at home.

David didn’t really get serious about coffee until the last few years. A certain blonde haired lady is mostly responsible for that. But when he gets into something, he gets *really* into it. And that means that he’s seen more YouTube videos, forum discussions, and articles about coffee than most people do in their entire life.

We don’t know everything about coffee. We just know a little more than average and have a high interest in helping YOU learn how to home brew coffee. So please don’t hesitate to tell us things we get wrong! We’re mostly hear to learn more about coffee than we already do, and hopefully help some others along the way. Cheers!

What do you use to make coffee?

Great question! We have a different page about what our preferred methods and devices are.