26 Awesome Gifts for Coffee Snobs

gifts for coffee snobs

Here are our favorite coffee lover gifts for 2021-2022! We all have *that* friend—the one who sticks their nose up at Keurig or only drinks Starbucks when traveling abroad (okay, at least this is true for my friends out there—I’m basically just describing myself). Those haughty coffee drinkers are out there, and when you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for coffee snobs, we want to make your job easier.

There’s a surge in interest from everyday coffee drinkers to learn more about their drink of choice—from home brewing coffee methods to understanding those (somewhat random-feeling?) flavor notes on bags of coffee beans. That’s right, lots of us are riding the third wave, and we need the merch to prove it!

We hope these coffee lover gift ideas will put you in the good graces of all caffeine-addicts in your circles. Generous, thoughtful, and unique—and guaranteed to bring a big ol’ smile on their faces. And yes, these all double as awesome gifts for coffee snobs!

Coffee gifts for her

Coffee lovers + gifts are a natural combo. Here are some ideas for the ladies in your life!

1. Bolio Titanium Filter

I love the look and feel of the Bolio Titanium Filter, available on Amazon for $24. This reusable steel coffee filter is titanium coated, giving it a shiny, rose gold hue (which pairs so well with it’s flowery pattern and chic design!). If your gal pal already has a Chemex of six cup or Bodum pour over coffee maker, then all the better—the cone shape matches, so extra filters aren’t necessary.

Titanium is a great metal for high filtration quality and is long lasting (way better than a plastic alternative!). These are one of the coffee gifts for her that will keep on giving well into the new year.

2. Coffee Cup Candles

coffee cup candle

How freakin’ CUUUUTE are these coffee cup-shared coffee-scented candles? These gifts are perfect for anyone in your life that goes weak at the knees at the scent of fresh brewed coffee. Fragrances range from Cafe Au Lait, Caramel Macchiato, Colombian, Mocha, Hazelnut, and even *Nutmeg* (my personal fave)—to more!

Purchase multiples (they’re only $11 a piece) to gift an adorable collection.

3. Coffee Bean Earrings. We repeat! COFFEE BEAN EARRINGS

coffee bean earrings

These studs/posts from AppleLatte Earrings are adorable! They’re silver plated with a satin finish, and lightweight enough for all day wear. Be warned: the photo looks two-toned, but they come in a light silver color. This could be the best $21 ever spent on coffee gifts for her!

4. Coffee Jammies from Alexander del Rossa

coffee print pajamas

Flannel pajamas are ALWAYS a good idea—and this coffee print from Alexander del Rossa just sweetens the deal. These come pre-shrunk (they’re 100% cotton) and include pockets (#dreamy). AND they’re less than $20. Winning!

Gifts for coffee lovers that are men

Gifts for coffee drinkers don’t have to be super feminine. If you’ve got a special man in your life—friend, brother, dad, grandpa—wrap one of these manly coffee gifts for them!

5. Hydroflask’s Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Travel Mugs


Hydroflask is the pinnacle of quality when it comes to travel coffee mugs, so we’d love for YOU to be credited with helping your bud make the leap! A little pricier than other travel mugs on the market ($22 and up), we find that the vacuum seal and double-walled insulation make a huge difference in keeping your cuppa joe pipin’ hot.

It’s spill proof, so you can toss it in your messenger bag or backpack with confidence. It’s available in 12, 16, 18, or 20 ounces, so there are options for both the “Venti” and the “Tall” guy in your life!

  • Awesome alternative: Klean Kanteen is a dependable classic—I like that their lid has a loop, but otherwise prefer the Hydroflask design.

6. JavaPresse Manual Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

java presse

If you’re buying presents for a guy who loves to do things manually, then toss that electric grinder to the side in lieu of this Manual Conical Burr grinder! It packs small and only takes about 100 turns of the handle to gift you freshly ground coffee in over 18 different grind sizes. And it’s WAY easier to keep clean than similar electric products!

7. Sette 30 Espresso Maker with AP Grind

sette 30

If you’re in the market for an upscale coffee gift for him, this Baratza Espresso Maker will put the biggest smile EVER on his face. At $249, this gift isn’t cheap—but it will likely pay for itself in just a few months (more on home brewing coffee ROI from David here). If I had a cool two-fitty to drop on a gift for him, this would definitely be it! (P.S. If you buy any of our recommended items, you’ll help me get closer to saving up for this!).

8. Kinto Coffee Cup Maker from Japan

kinto coffee cup maker

This is a great gift for all traveling coffee snobs—this single-serving pour over maker is compact, single-column, and only weighs about 5oz. There’s no need to sacrifice great coffee when you’re camping or on the road! Use a 17:1 ratio to achieve the best pour (the JavaPresse we talked about above is the perfect complement).

We’re waiting anxiously for a porcelain version to become available!

Gifts for coffee snobs that are hardcore

There are gifts for coffee snobs, and then there are gifts for ultra-coffee snobs. These are the latter.

9. Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

bonavita connoisseur 8 cup

Eight cups of coffee in seven minutes or less? Yes please! We love Bonavita’s Gooseneck Electric Kettle, and have our eyes on their Coffee Maker as a slick alternative brew method when we’re hosting brunch. We love the simple, functional design of Bonavita products—not to mention the precision and high quality of the final cup. It’s worth it to splurge on the hanging basket for a more even saturation of the coffee grounds. Did we mention it’s stainless steel, too?

  • Awesome alternative: We’re an Oxo house, so their 9 Cup Coffee Maker is definitely an option we’re considering, too!

10. CopperBull’s Turkish/Greek/Arabic Stovetop Coffee Pot

turkish stovetop coffee

If you want to give the gift of a new party trick, this stovetop Turkish coffee maker pot is a fun change to their everyday routine. On the plus side, it doubles as an uber cultured gift—the added bonus of making the recipient feel worldly AND caffeinated. And all for less than $30!

Turkish coffee is known to grow a couple of chest hairs on all who drink it; these make great gifts for coffee snobs who also prefer their brew black.

11. Bodum 8-oz (240mL) Handle-less Pavina

bodum handleless pavina

Long-gone are the days where cutesy mugs are going to cut it. The coffee snobs in your life need an elevated drinking experience—a cup that looks sharp, is functional, and will serve a fresh brew in the most delicious way possible. Enter: Double walled cups. David has talked at length about the six best double-walled coffee mugs out there, but Bodum’s Handle-less Pavina ($18 for two) takes the cake.

Even as LOW KEY coffee snobs, we love serving these to friends. It’s fun to hear their reactions and ooh’s and aah’s.

12. A Bag of Natural Process Coffee

natural process foxtail coffee

Natural process coffee is DA BEST. As you know, coffee processing plays a crucial role in the ultimate flavor profile of your cup of coffee, and we’ve been loving on natural—or dry—process for most of 2021-2022. Natural processing is the oldest style for processing coffee beans; the fruit from the coffee cherry is dried while still on the bean (rather than separated like in the wet, or washed, process).

This gives the bean an ultra-fruity flavor like strawberry, blueberry, or raisin. AND IT’S REALLY REALLY GOOD.

Here are some of our favorite natural process coffees:

13. Baratza Encore Electric Grinder

baratza encore

If your friends have been using cheap electric coffee grinders, it’s high-time they upgrade to the real thing. Baratza grinders are award winning, and we wouldn’t be surprised if your favorite coffee shop uses this machine to ensure precision grind on your latest coffee order.

It has over 40 grind settings (perfect for switching between pour over and Aeropress with ease) and is a great entry level grinder for those brewing coffee at home.

» Read our in-depth review of the Baratza Encore

14. Bolio 6 Cup Pour Over Brewer

bolio pour over

Step aside, Kalita. Bolio is the new kid on the block! Bolio’s double-wall pour over coffee maker ($50 on Amazon) can be paired with a basket dripper and stainless steel filter, too.

Why is this a natural choice for our list of gifts for coffee snobs? The all glass carafe and stainless-steel basket solution provide a zero-waste coffee making process. The cork lid means the coffee can be sealed for future enjoyment. And let’s face it, that decanter is SEXY.

15. Everything but Espresso Coffee Book

everything but espresso coffee book

Most coffee snobs we know prefer coffee to espresso, so if the coffee snob in your life is likewise somewhat anti-espresso, they’ll love this comprehensive introduction to a optimal flavor extractions for other coffee brew methods! Drip, pour over, press pot, steeping, and vacuum pot—no stone is left unturned in this $35 find, one of our favorite gifts for coffee drinkers.

Gifts for coffee lovers under $20

We want to make sure our coffee lover gift ideas span a variety of budgets. These are some of the best coffee gifts that won’t break the bank!

16. Bolio’s Reusable Hemp Coffee Filters

bolio hemp filter

Good for the world, good for your morning caffeine fix. Eco-friendly coffee filters are making strides into the kitchens of most coffee drinkers, and we love that Bolio’s design are 100% organic hemp—making it naturally mildew and bacteria resistant.

We can’t speak to whether or not the filter impacts the flavor profile of the resulting cup, but it’s high reviews and general ethos make us confident in this product. Buy one or three if you’re on the hunt for coffee gifts under $20!

17. But First, Coffee Keychain

coffee keychain

I’m not big into loud stacks of keys or wine-mom fonts, but this tasteful little keychain is an adorable gift for the person in your life who doesn’t need another friggin’ coffee mug. 🙂

It’s medallion is embossed and warm bronze—perfect for coffee drinking men OR women. We love coffee accessories as gifts!

18. The New Rules of Coffee: A Modern Guide for Everyone

the new rules of coffee

This gorgeous hardcover book is an illustrated guide to brewing—and enjoying—coffee at home. It’s a sweet, light read that is packed with not only helpful tips, but also fun stories of coffee culture around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about storing coffee, roasting your own coffee, or even growing your own beans, this new book from Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen is a great place to start.

  • Awesome alternative: A little steeper than the $20 cap, but the World Atlas of Coffee ($32, hardcover) can’t be beat.

19. Unisex Coffee Socks

unisex coffee socks

First of all: LOL—these are funny coffee gifts! Second: These socks are too fun. And at only $7? I think I might pick up a couple of pairs myself! I love that these socks are not printed (the lettering is sewed in) and that they’re mostly cotton.

They’ll keep our friends warm—and laughing—all through winter!

  • Awesome alternative: Hot Sox’ pair includes graphics of some of my fave brew methods!

20. A Bag of Their Favorite Coffee

Photo credit Kronenberger

Nothing says “I love you” quite like the gift recipient’s favorite bag of coffee beans. Not sure what they like? Wander your hometown and find high-quality coffee roasters; ask for their customers’ favorite and send/gift a bag that’s a little taste of where YOU’RE from.

Bonus points if it includes adorable hometown stickers, too. We do this a lot with Horsetooth’d designers in Fort Collins!

21. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

cold brew coffee pot

Cold brew coffee is crazy easy to make—you basically grind up some beans and let them soak in cold water in the fridge for about 24 hours. And, with the help of this cold brew pitcher (only $19), you won’t have to deal with the cheese-cloth-filter-coffee-pitcher-switching that David and I struggled through last summer.

While we’re on the note of cold brew though, if you haven’t made the switch to AeroPress cold brew yet, you’re missing out!

The most unique coffee gifts

On the hunt for quirky coffee gifts? Keep scrollin’!

22. Coffee Subscription

coffee subscription

Build your own or go with a pre-made one, like this three-month minimum coffee subscription that supports small, artisan roasters in Seattle. The trick to make it great (and double as gifts for coffee snobs)—switch the flavor to “Light Roast” instead of default “Dark.” For only $68 and 12 different coffees, this is one of the most fun, unique gifts for coffee lovers.

  • Awesome alternative: One of our fave roasters in the country, Counter Culture, has a good deal for a three month, single origin 12oz bag subscription

23. A Bag of Pulped Natural/Honey Process Coffee

ozo coffee

Haven’t heard of pulped natural/honey processed coffee? No sweat—that’s what makes it one of the most unique coffee gifts! We talked about dry/natural processing a bit earlier, but honey process is a hybrid (or midpoint) between dry/natural process and wet/washed process, as it is semi-processed.

Instead of removing all of the fruit before drying the pit/seed of coffee cherries (like in the wet process) or leaving all of the fruit pulp on for the drying process (dry process), the freshly picked coffee cherries are de-pulped and allowed to dry without fermentation or washing. The flavors are nuanced, the beans irregular, and the final product delectable. From crop to cup, these coffee beans—and gifts for coffee snobs—don’t disappoint.

  • Ozo Coffee (Boulder): El Salvador San Joaquin Honey
  • Alternative: An even rarer coffee process, primarily used in Sumatra, Indonesia, is called Wet Hulled. Let us know if you find it!

24. Anatomology Caffeine Molecular Structure Accessories

Calling all coffee-loving nerds (there are a lot of us out there, I’m sure!). If you want to get down with STEM or be ultra-low key in your coffee snobbery, these adorable caffeine molecule earrings are hard to beat. The earrings are $19 which feels like a pretty good deal, but you can pair them with a matching necklace ($27 on Amazon) to complete the look—the perfect, fashionable gift for a coffee lover.

25. An Antique Hand Grinder

coffee grinder antique

Shout out to my Mom, Junebug, for this idea! I definitely have my eye on these as one of the most unique coffee gifts for 2021-2022. There are variety of other vintage coffee grinders on Amazon, but I chose this one for it’s ornate design, relatively strong reviews, and decent price point (only $16 for the small version).

And, it has a built in name: Evelyne. <3

26. A Coffee Poster

coffee posters

I relish the chance to combine two of my favorite things: coffee and infographics. And this poster from Pop Chart Lab checks off all the boxes. This poster doubles as a fun way to learn about new home brew coffee methods and wow visitors with your cool coffee knowledge. 😉 #cheatsheet

Have inside jokes with your friend? Posters can be great funny coffee gifts depending on the recipient’s sense of humor!

What gifts for coffee snobs did we miss?

 low key coffee snobs megan lee david hayes

Whether you’re actively looking for gifts for coffee snobs or your friends haven’t graduated to such (admitted) pretentiousness yet, we hope our list of gifts for coffee drinkers gives you a lot of fun ideas and inspiration.

Any other gift ideas that didn’t make our list? Let us know; we’d love for this to grow!

*Clinks!* ☕️✨

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  1. I received as a gift a first coffee HIBOU with no instruction or directions. I would like to know how to use it. It looks like a metal filter. Or just a video on how to use it.

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