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We both love the AeroPress. It’s a quick way to make coffee which is both very easy to clean and very tasty. It’s almost like an espresso, but much easier and cheaper to do at home. And cleaning it up after a brew is way easier than any french press we’ve ever used. (You literally just pop the coffee grounds and filter into a trash can and then rinse quickly. Just don’t miss. 😛)

Our current favorite way to make pour over coffee is with the Kalita Wave. It’s forgiving in a way that systems like the Chemex aren’t quite, because it relies on physically constricting the flow of water, so your grind size is less of an issue. Speaking of…

Our grinder of choice is the Baratza Encore. We feel it’s the best compromise between quality, easy-to-use electric burr grinders, and ones too pricey for us to feel good about on our modest budget. It’s bigger sibling is the Baratza Virtuouso, but for us the features didn’t make it worth the price difference.

To measure the beans to grind (and the amount of water poured for pour-over) we use David’s trusty and true Stainless Steel OXO Kitchen Scale. It’s not as stylish as their new glass ones, but the OXO scales have great features. Most important: they’re quick and make every common operation intuitive and painless. They’re a little cheaper than most, but compared their years of life, totally worth it.

We can and will review these products (and way more) in much greater detail in the coming months. But if you’ve got a specific need or want for one, email us.

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Aside from the bigger-commitment items, we thought we’d share a common coffee-supply shopping list for us on Amazon: