Brew Methods for Great Coffee at Home

There are tons of ways to home-brew coffee. Here are what we think of these as the central five. We mostly cover the first three 🤓

Brew MethodMinutes to BrewGrind SizeResulting CharacterRelevant Article
French Press5CoarseFull-bodied (lots of dissolved solids)What to Look for When Buying a French Press
Mid-fine (between espresso and pour over)Well developed, some bodyHow to Make AeroPress Coffee at Home
Pour Over5
MiddleVaries, generally bright and clearHow To Make Pour Over Coffee with the Kalita Wave
“Coffee Machine”3
MiddleWatery, flavorless 😜
Espresso1Very fineThick and syrupyHow to Make AeroPress Cold Brew in 5 Min

Why do we focus on French Press, AeroPress, and pour over coffee methods for brewing coffee? Because we feel they provide a great mix of ways to get great coffee at home that tastes good and also gives you some pride of craft.

The big argument against a basic “coffee machine” is just that it’s so often used to make “hot and brown” coffee which doesn’t take particularly of anything but bitterness. And we don’t like that. Why not espresso? It’s too expensive to make at home. Simple enough 🤓